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Fleet Week 2017

Both Oyster Point Marina and Pillar Point Harbor staff assist with safety and enforcement of Fleet Week. For a full schedule of events, check out the Fleet Week link below.

Fleet Week - San Francisco Bay

May contain: aircraft, vehicle, transportation, and airplane
May contain: human, person, transportation, vehicle, and military
Deputy Harbormasters Hoff and Smith assisting USCG with Fleet Week safety security on RWCs
Deputy Harbormasters Smith and  Walding assisting USCG with Fleet Week safety and security on RWCs
Deputy Harbormasters Smith and Dunn assiting USCG with Fleet Week safety and security
Deputy Harbormaster Hoff offers assistance during Fleet Week
Deputy Harbormaster Dunn - Fleet Week
Staging Area 
May contain: transportation, vehicle, watercraft, vessel, and boat
OPM Challenger on duty 1
May contain: watercraft, vessel, transportation, and vehicle
OPM Challenger on duty 2
May contain: vehicle, transportation, vessel, watercraft, and boat
OPM Challenger on duty 3
May contain: boat, vehicle, and transportation
OPM Challenger on duty 4
May contain: vehicle, transportation, and boat
OPM Challenger on duty and the Blue Angels