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San Mateo County Harbor District
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Oil Spill Prevention Ordinance Change

Proposed amendment to Ordinance Code 3.30.140 section D, which was written after significant research and discussion with Govt. agencies.

"No person shall dump or discharge any oil, spirits, flammable liquids or contaminated bilge water into the waters of the District. All vessels berthed, moored or operating in the waters of the District must have a BIO-SOK, or a generic equivalent oil absorb pad/pillow, installed in its bilge in order to prevent oil or fuel from being pumped overboard. Dispersing agents or emulsifying soaps may not be used, as they cause oil to sink and are worse for the environment than if the oil had been left alone. Vessel operators are responsible for inspecting the condition of the bilge prior to the activation of a bilge pump. Proper precautions must be taken when performing mechanical work on any vessel. Used engine oil, oil filters and oil absorbent materials must be taken to the oil recycling center. Oil, oil filters or used oil absorbent materials cannot be disposed of by dumping them either on the ground, in a dumpster, into a drain or overboard. Vessel owners are responsible for their contractors and any failure of their contractors to comply."

July 1, 2017 through June 30, 20187

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