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2019 Standing Committee Assignments

2019 Committee Assignments


  • Climate Change Resilience: Commissioners Larenas and Reyering
  • Finance: Commissioners Chang Kiraly and Mattusch
  • Oyster Point Marina Liaison: Commissioners Chang Kiraly and Reyering
  • Social Media/Public Outreach: Commissioners Brennan and Reyering
  • Wildlife Protection: Commissioners Larenas and Chang Kiraly


  • Strategic Planning: Commissioners Chang Kiraly and Reyering
  • Admin Bldg Office Design HD/GSCS: Commissioners Brennan and Larenas
  • RV Lot/CDP: Commissioners Larenas and Mattusch
  • Schulz Claim: Commissioners Chang Kiraly and Mattusch
  • Ad Hoc Committee Assignment CompleteGeneral Counsel: Commissioners Reyering and LarenasGeneral Manager: Commissioners Reyering and Mattusch