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District Adminstration

Please note that email correspondence sent to or from members of the Harbor Commission via the District's website are considered public records and may be subject to disclosure and additional distribution pursuant to the Public Records Act and the Brown Act.



Office: 504 Avenue Alhambra, 2nd Floor, El Granada, CA 94018        

Mail: PO Box 1449, El Granada, CA  94018

Phone: (650) 583-4400

Steve McGrath, General Manager
Email: (redacted)

Glenn Lazof, Interim Administrative Services Director
Email: (redacted)

John Moren, Director of Operations
Email: (redacted)

Debbie Gehret, Administrative Assistant III/Deputy Secretary to the Board 
Email: (redacted)

Betty Cortes, Administrative Assistant II 
Email: (redacted)

Steven D. Miller, District Counsel


David Doyle, Accountant

Kin Yip Chan, Accounting Technician


Operations: Oyster Point Marina / Park

Phone: (650) 952-0808

James Merlo, Harbormaster
Email: (redacted)

James Smith, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Melanie Hadden, Accounting Technician
Email: (redacted)

Operations: Pillar Point Marina

Phone: (650)726-4382

John Draper,  Harbormaster
Email: (redacted)

Michael Williams, Lead Maintenance Specialist

Katie Mickelson, Accounting Technician
Email: (redacted)