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Johnson Pier Reconfiguration H-Dock, & Fuel Dock Replacement 

Project Location:Pillar Point Harbor
Status:Contract for design and engineering re-started
Initial Funding:March 15, 2017
Estimated Completion:Based on available funding
Description:Replace and Expand Johnson Pier and reconfigure fuel dock. 
Justifcation: To achieve the goals of safety and to efficiently operate the pier terminus for the benefit of the commercial fishing industry and its customers, H-Dock has exceeded its service life and needs replacement.  In addition, PPH operates at 98% of its capacity and the plan would add 21 additional slips to H-Dock.  The fuel dock would need to be reconfigured for the expansion.  
Strategic Goal/Operating Impact: 1) Comprehensive Long-Rang Planning Guides District Actions and Decision-Making. 
 2) Infrastructure Improvements are Guided by Comprehensive Long-Term Planning.