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May 18-24 National Safe Boating Week

May 18-24, 2024 is National Safe Boating Week, a Safe Boating Campaign promoted by the National Safe Boating Council.  Make it a habit to wear a life jacket when you are in a boat or vessel of any kind.  Check out the Safe Boating Campaign for more information.  

Group of people in life jackets by a patrol boat, with "WEAR IT" slogan promoting safe boating.
Five people and a dog with life jackets in a room, promoting safety with a "WEAR IT" sign.


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Administration staff of the San Mateo County Harbor District along with allied agency staff from San Mateo County Parks, Cal Fire, Phondini Partners and Harbor Patrol wear their Life Jackets to Work and attended Navigation Awareness Training and Area Familiarization on May 17, 2019.
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San Mateo County Harbor District - Harbor Patrol with US Coast Guard - May 18, 2019
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