Permits for Events Within the Harbor or Marina

Note: Due to the upcoming construction at Oyster Point Marina, we are unable to issue any Permits for events at OPM.

Until further notice, the District will not be issuing any individual bonfire permits.

It is the policy of the San Mateo County Harbor District to establish a guide for the issuance of permits for events held on property owned and/or controlled by the Harbor District. The purpose of this policy is to provide for a process for evaluating, approving, and overseeing events to ensure the health and safety of event patrons, workers and other visitors, residents and District staff, to prohibit illegal activities from occurring at events, and to protect the rights of event permit holders and of the District.

Examples of events that may be permitted include, but are not limited to, parades, fairs, festivals, parties, weddings, organized athletic or sporting events and community celebrations and observances which involve use of, or have an impact on District facilities and operations which may require provision of District services.  Events that have substantial adverse impacts on District facilities including harbor operations shall not be permitted without provision of acceptable mitigating measures.

Below are the Events Policy, Permit Fee Schedule and Applications for events.  Please review the Policy and Fee Schedule; complete an application with as much detail as possble, including map(s) and photos of event location.  In addition, a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the San Mateo County Harbor District as an Additional Insuranced with the required Limits per our Policy  must be submitted.  Email required documentation to the Deputy Clerk for review at (redacted) or via USPS mail to: Deputy Clerk, PO Box 1449, El Granada, CA  94018. Call for any questions: 650-583-4400.

5.4.1 Event Policy.pdfEvent Fee Schedule - rev 07.24.17.pdfCommercial Activity Permit Application Sept.2017.pdfAthletic Event Application.pdfFilm Photography Application.pdfSpecial Event Application.pdfSpecial Use Permit Application.pdfWeddingPicnic ApplicationRev.pdf