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Pillar Point Harbor - Reduced Fuel Dock Hours, 9am - 2pm

To assure the public is provided with clean, safe, well-managed, financially sound and environmentally pleasant marinas.

Pillar Point Harbor - (650) 726-4382

Assistant Harbormaster - Mike Williams

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Image Pillar Point Harbor Entrance sign
Entrance to Pillar Point Harbor
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Skyview of Pillar Point Harbor, Romeo Pier, and Jetty
Harbor Map.pdfBerth Rental Packet.pdf
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Romeo Pier and Princeton/Pillar Point Harbor.                                    Photo Credit - Debbie Gehret
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Harbor Patrol
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Boats Abound                                                                                           Photo Credit: - Debbie Gehret
May contain: water, vehicle, transportation, boat, shoreline, sea, nature, ocean, outdoors, land, coast, waterfront, dock, pier, and port
Romeo Pier and Pillar Point Harbor                                                        Photo Credit - Debbie Gehret