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San Mateo County Harbor District Pillar Point Harbor West Trail Living Shoreline Pre-Qualification Notice



WEST TRAIL LIVING SHORELINE PROJECT REQUEST FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS COMMENCING WITH FORTHCOMING PUBLIC WORK. BID Notice is hereby given that San Mateo County Harbor District has determined that all bidders on the PILLAR POINT HARBOR WEST TRAIL LIVING SHORELINE PROJECT to be undertaken by the San Mateo County Harbor District must be pre-qualified prior to submitting a bid on that project. It is mandatory that all Contractors who intend to submit a bid, fully complete the pre-qualification questionnaire, provide all materials requested herein, and be approved by San Mateo County Harbor District to be on the final qualified bidders list. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor that has failed to comply with these requirements. If two or more business entities submit a bid as part of a Joint Venture, or expect to submit a bid as part of a Joint Venture, each entity within the Joint Venture must be separately qualified to bid. The last date to submit a fully completed questionnaire is 07/07/2021 2:00pm PST. Contractors are encouraged to submit pre-qualification applications as soon as possible, so that they may be notified of omissions of information to be remedied or of their pre-qualification status well in advance of the bid advertisement for this project. Answers to questions contained in the Pre-Qualification questionnaire, Project description and plans can be found on District website: , information about current bonding capacity, notarized statement from surety, and the most recent reviewed or audited financial statements, with accompanying notes and supplemental information, are required. San Mateo County Harbor District will use these documents as the basis of rating Contractors in respect to the size and scope of contracts upon which each Contractor is qualified to bid. San Mateo County Harbor District reserves the right to check other sources available. The District’s decision will be based on objective evaluation criteria.

For additional information, please contact Director of Operations, John Moren, by e-mail at

01-Request for Pre-Qualification of Bidders.pdf02-SMCHD- Prequalification Questionnaire.pdf03-West Trail Living Shoreline Project Description.pdf04-IFB_Plans_West Trail Living Shoreline.pdfFinal IS_MND_ESA 2020.pdfNOI to issue Coastal Development Permit CCC 2021.pdfDraft Geotechnical Report_GHD 2018.pdfDraft Sampling and Analysis Report_GHD 2020.pdfWest Trail Permit Compliance Matrix 3-16-2021.pdfAsbestos Pipe Exhibits_Granada Sanitation 2013.pdfGeomorphic Basis of Design_ESA 2020.pdfWest Trail CDP Application.pdfWest Trail USFWS Response to USACE SPN-2014-00294.pdfWest Trail CDP NOI.pdfWest Trail Clean Water Certification.pdfWest Trail NMFS ESA.pdf