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Farallone View Oceans Week

On May 22nd Deputy Harbormasters Greg Gubser and Tyler Finch conducted water safety presentations at Farallone View Elementary School for their Oceans Week event.

They made four separate 40-minute presentations for 50 kids each, grades K - 4. (a total of approximately 200 kids)

The presentations were mainly focused on beach/water safety (i.e. rip currents, tides, waves, undertows and tsunamis/earthquakes). They also shared brief segments about pollution and marine ecology.

The presentation has some fun science built into it and conveys how the physics of Earth’s Oceans are also at work in other areas of nature and the universe. Many of the kids who have seen this presentation in the past are now shouting out facts and answers before we can even ask the questions.

Attached is picture one of the classes. (We were told that all the parents of the kids in this picture have signed a release form for use of media).

Deputy Harbormaster Greg Gubser has built this program over several years and established a good working relationship with Farallone staff.  Per the staff,  this presentation is one of the highlights of Oceans Week.

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