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Board of Harbor Commissioners Contact Information

Please note that email correspondence sent to or from members of the Harbor Commission via the District's website are considered public records and may be subject to disclosure and additional distribution pursuant to the Public Records Act and the Brown Act.

To email the entire Harbor Commission, click here.

Nancy Reyering, President
Email: (redacted)
Phone: (650) 851-4058

Virginia Chang Kiraly, Vice President and Secretary
Email: (redacted)
Phone: (650) 730-3911

Tom Mattusch, Treasurer
Email: (redacted)
Phone: (650) 619-0459

Sabrina Brennan, Commissioner
Email: (redacted)
Phone: 650-479-5654

Edmundo Larenas, Commissioner
Email: (redacted)
Phone: (650) 730-3810

District Office: 504 Avenue Alhambra, Ste. 200,  El Granada, CA 94018   
Mailing Address: PO Box 1449, El Granada, CA 94018   
Phone: (650) 583-4400 Fax: (650) 583-4614