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PRESS RELEASE - Momma Rosa to be Removed from Entrance to Harbor

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San Mateo County Harbor District

Pillar Point Harbor

On land at the entrance to Pillar Point Harbor, southeast corner of Cabrillo Hwy and Capistrano Rd, there is a decorative old Monterey fishing vessel, the “Momma Rosa,” affixed to timber cradles that has been in place since 2006. The vessel, which has “Pillar Point Harbor” written on its hull, has been in disrepair for many years, as age, weather exposure and vandals have taken their toll. The vessel is scheduled to be removed in the next few weeks for safety reasons.

The old fishing vessel represents Pillar Point Harbor and local commercial fishing history, therefore, is admired by many. District staff have worked to conduct minor repairs over the years, but the vessel has continued to deteriorate, has become unsightly and unsafe.

District staff reached out to a professional shipwright that has experience in re-building these type vessels for over 60 years, and requested he determine feasibility to restore the vessel. After a thorough survey of the vessel, it was determined that due to age, wood boring organisms, years of rainwater sitting inside the hull and vandalism, the vessel is beyond repair. The timber under the rub-rails were found to be significantly rotten. The hull itself was found to be in danger of collapsing into herself due to extensive timber rot. In addition, the timber cradles the vessel sits upon are also in need of complete replacement.

The District is in the process of identifying options for a replacement. We have already received significant push-back from the community regarding the possible installation of another historic vessel. It was brought to our attention that when this vessel was installed no CDP had been obtained. Members of the community have voiced concerns about view being blocked, not wanting any signage over three feet high. Prior to any replacement decision being made, the District will hold a public workshop meeting to gather additional input. We are very interested in ideas you may have with regard to replacement signage in this area.

About the San Mateo County Harbor District:

 The San Mateo County Harbor District was first established in 1933 and now operates both Pillar Point Harbor and Oyster Point Marina/Park. Pillar Point Harbor, near Half Moon Bay, remains a major commercial and sport fishing harbor, with 369 berths and is host to many public events throughout the year. Oyster Point Marina/Park in the City of South San Francisco provides a 408-berth marina and boat launch ramp, a fishing pier, and open space and trails. At both facilities, the District manages the property, provides public safety and search and rescue functions, and opportunities for many kinds of recreational activities.

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Harbor Commissioners, who are currently elected county-wide for staggered four-year terms.


For more information:

James B. Pruett, General Manager

(650) 583-4400


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