Assistant Harbor Master John Draper Retires

At the July 18, 2018 Board meeting, Assistant Harbor Master John Draper was honored and thanked for his many years of dedicated service to the San Mateo Harbor District at Pillar Point Harbor.  President Chang Kiraly read a Resolution acknowleding his many accomplishments over his 33 years with the District.

John Draper retired at the end of July. 

Commissioner Robert Bernardo, President Virginia Chang Kiraly, John Draper and Commissioner Tom Mattusch.
Resolution No. 18-13 to HonorAssistant Harbor Master John Draper  
President Chang Kiraly reading the Resolution
Pillar Point Harbor Assistant Harbor Master John Draper 
Oyster Point Marina Assistant Harbor Master, Jim Merlo addresses the Commission regarding John Draper.
Commissioners Bernardo and Chang Kiraly congratulate John Draper on his retirement.