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Boater Safety Information

Important information regarding boater safety.

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Do you have YOUR CA Boater Card?  

As of January 1, 2018, the California Division of Boating and Waterways required that all boaters carry a California Boater Card,(similar to a Driver's License), which can be obtained after successfully completing the California Course for Safe Boating.  Click this link on how to obtain the California Boater Card


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Keeping kids safe in the water

This article on Boating and Swimming Safety for Kids was written by New York high school student, Frank Bongirono, who did much research and writing to come up with the great and informative piece regarding boater safety for children that was published as a part of a high school project.  His family are avid boaters and since there seemed to be a lack of comprehensive writing on this topic, Frank took on the project to create this published article,  There is even a downloadable boating scavenger hunt to print out!

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The San Mateo County Harbor Districts requires that all boaters carry the CA Boaters Card, which is required by the State and will instruct all boaters on rules and requirements of boating safety.


Read Boating and Yacht Safety for All Ages for further information on boating safety.

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