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Dredging at Pillar Point Harbor

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers - Surfers Beach Reports, 2017

NHMB CAP 111 Coastal Eng Analysis c.pdfNHMB CAP 111 Detailed Project Report c.pdfNHMB CAP 111 draft EA with 404(b)(1) Analysis c.pdfNHMB CAP 111 Econ Analysis c.pdf


The San Mateo County Harbor District is providing this web page in response to considerable recent public interest in situations at Pillar Point Harbor that involve or may involve dredging: clearing sediment to aid navigation and placing dredged sediment for beneficial use. This page is designed to keep you informed about the Harbor District's activities that do, will, or may involve dredging and placement of dredged material at Pillar Point Harbor, and to provide an opportunity for questions and comments (see area map below)

Image Aerial Pillar Point Harbor
Click here to download a larger map.

It contains information on current dredging-related projects and related documents of interest. It will be kept current. Schedules of public meetings and other gatherings of interest regarding dredging projects will be posted.