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Environmental Management Services, Water Quality Assistance, Water Testing Information 

Click below for RCD presentation from the February 21, 2018 Board meeting.

Resource Conservation District Presentation to BoC - February 21, 2018

 Click below for RCD presentation at the June 21, 2017 Board meeting..

Resource Conservation District Presentation to BoC - June 21, 2017

The Harbor District and Resource Conservation District (RCD) in San Mateo County have developed a thriving partnership to be stewards of our near-shore waters and beaches by enhancing and protecting water quality. The districts are collaborating on a clean water program that:

  • collects water samples and evaluates them for bacteria, nutrients, metals, oils and grease;
  • identifies and plans improvements to infrastructure and operations that will enhance water quality;
  • improves plans for emergency spill response;
  • provides technical assistance and education between the districts.

This program will provide a better understanding of water quality within Pillar Point Harbor and potential management strategies that support the Harbor District’s Clean Marina Program and other local conservation efforts.

The RCD will produce an annual report summarizing accomplishments and work performed as part of the partnership. These reports and monitoring data will be made publicly available as they become available.

The San Mateo County RCD is a special district that has helped people protect, conserve, and restore natural resources since 1939. The RCD works in voluntary partnership with land owners to provide non-regulatory technical assistance to further resource conservation, acting as a focal point for local conservation efforts on public and private lands through partnerships and collaboration with land owners and managers, technical advisors, area jurisdictions, government agencies, and others. For more information visit SMC Resource Conservation District (RCD).