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Goals and Action Priorities

Provide Safe Ocean and Bay Use and Access

Provide marine rescue services to aid boaters who are in distress.

Provide increased public access for active and passive enjoyment.

Provide a recycling program to reduce costs and comply with Federal and State Environmental Laws.


Provide High Quality Commercial-Recreation and Marine-Related Services

Seek quality private sector businesses to serve the boating public, general public, and commercial fishing fleet.

Actively promote tourism to generate business for the District.

Provide a balanced level of services for all users of District facilities.


Maintain Positive Public Image

Serve all District customers, clients, staff, lessees, and agencies in a friendly and courteous manner at all times.

Communicate with the public, media, other agencies and employees on a regular basis through the use of all available media.

Provide maximum responsiveness to District clients in meeting daily responsibilities.


Develop Long-Term Financial Solvency

Reduce costs by finding different ways to provide current services for less cost by improving operations and automating wherever economically feasible.

Aggressively pursue grants, private sector funding, and other financing sources to decrease dependence on taxpayer dollars.

Expand use of user fees and charges to increase District's income.

Develop and implement long-term fiscal plans to keep the District financially solvent.


Plan Ahead to Maximize Existing Resources

Develop a long-term strategic plan to guide the direction of the Harbor District in a purposeful manner.

Develop and implement an operations plan that will identify the specifics of our strategic plan.

Insure public input and participation in decision-making for future facility and service needs.


Maintain Ability to Accommodate Growth

Foster economic development and commercial and recreation oriented business by promoting both marinas and their potential for quality business development in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Develop and maintain infrastructure. Insure that roads, parking, and other support services are ready to meet future public needs.


Emphasize Development of Human Resources

Maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Develop an organizational climate which fosters personal and professional growth and development.

Attract and retain competent employees.