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High Winds: Ensure All Vessels are Secure

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Attention Boaters:

High wind events are predicted for the next 10 plus days as the convergence of high and low pressure zones generates extreme winds throughout the Bay Area. Boats in the Outer Harbor and the Marina have been greatly affected by the winds in the last 24 hours, though there will be a brief reprieve in the breeze through Saturday with strong winds building again throughout next week. Please check on your vessel at the Harbor/Marina. Taking proactive prudent measures now will go a long way to prevent costly damage to your vessel in the future.

Some suggestions:

  • Ensure that all dock lines are adequate and not chafing
  • Consider adding dock lines if needed
  • Check your bridal line, anchor rod, hawser line and ground tackle if you are anchored or in the outer harbor or on a mooring
  • Secure all items on deck, such as canvas, dodger, bimini, kayaks, surfboards/paddleboards or any other wind catching items
  • If you have roller furling – check that your furling line is cleated and not chaffed to prevent the sail from unfurling
  • If possible strike the sail from the furler, flake and store below until your next sail

Thank you and stay safe out there – Hold fast!