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OPM Fuel Dock Closure 

Notice: OPM Fuel Dock Closure as of 4/2/19

The San Mateo County Harbor District manages the Oyster Point Marina (OPM) for the City of South San Francisco.  Many of the District’s historic responsibilities and landside leases were conveyed back to the City of South San Francisco due to the City’s development project, including the OPM fuel system.  In an effort to maintain fuel service to local boaters, the District agreed to temporarily continue operation of the fuel system for the City, contingent upon the City’s promise to establish a Community Facilities District (CFD, tax on local property owners) by April 2018 to fund the total replacement of the fuel system, which is required because the fuel system is old and the underground storage tanks (UST) are single walled, all UST’s are required to be double walled by 2025.

Despite the CFD not being funded by April 2018, the District continued to operate the fuel system in good faith as long as possible. Recently the gasoline UST had inconclusive leak testing.  The District, in an abundance of caution, had to have the tank emptied.  Likewise, since the diesel tank is of the same age, it is also now scheduled to be emptied and cleaned.  Protection of the environment must be the District’s top priority.

The City’s attempts to fund the CFD have been unsuccessful, therefore, the City will be moving forward with removal of the UST’s.  The City may decide to replace the fuel system/dock or not replace it, either way the fuel system must be removed.

Please let me or OPM staff know if you have any questions.     

John Moren, CMM
Interim General Manager
San Mateo County Harbor District
504 Ave Alhambra, El Granada, Ca. 94018
Tel: (650) 583-4962