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Pillar Point Harbor A2 & A3 Asphalt Rehabilitation

Notice of Completion - July 9, 2018

Image newly paved parking lot
Image newly paved parking lot

To: All Pillar Point Harbor Tenants,

The A/2 and A/3 parking areas at Pillar Point Harbor are going to be repaired. The repairs will be done in two phases/parts, allowing use of ½ of the parking lot area at a time. They will begin the repairs, weather permitting, on 3/19 for phase/part 1 and 3/21 for phase/part 2. They will start the slurry/striping phase 1 on April 23rd and phase 2 will begin on April 30th. Attached are maps to show the parking area that is going to be repaired.


The week before the project is set to begin, the contractors will be putting up a-frames with warning/do not park signs  around the area with the specific dates, so we ask that you please do not park your vehicles in these areas.



Pillar Point Harbor Staff

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