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Pillar Point Harbor Seabirds

Pillar Point Harbor Seabirds

Did you know that when seabirds nest on the rocks in our harbor, disturbances by humans can be dangerous for them and their eggs? 

Seabirds are disturbed by: 

  • Bright lights
  • Human contact

What can you do to help?


Types of Birds at Pillar Point Harbor: 

Western Gull
May contain: bird, animal, beak, and seagull
Brown Pelican
May contain: bird, animal, and flying
Pigeon Guillemot
May contain: bird, animal, water, outdoors, duck, and ripple
Black Oystercatcher
May contain: bird, animal, beak, grass, and plant
Elegant Tern
May contain: bird, animal, flying, waterfowl, heron, ardeidae, and egret
Great Blue Heron
May contain: waterfowl, animal, bird, stork, heron, and ardeidae
Snowy Egret
May contain: bird, animal, waterfowl, heron, ardeidae, egret, crane bird, and stork
Black-Crowned Heron
May contain: bird, animal, waterfowl, and flying


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