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Resource Conservation District (RCD)

The San Mateo County Harbor District has obtainied the services of and partnered with the Resource Conservation District to help identify sources of pollutants in Pillar Point Harbor.

Pillar Point Harbor Water Quality Assistance

This program involves working with the San Mateo Harbor District to prevent pollution and protect water quality of Pillar Point Harbor. The RCD identifies and plans improvements to both infrastructure and operations. The RCD also monitors water quality of drainages into the harbor and analyzes past and current information to better understand sources of bacterial pollution into the harbor and recommend solutions to a variety of stakeholders.

First Flush

First Flush is the first significant rain storm of the season that washes pollutants that have built up on the landscape into creeks, storm drains, and the ocean. This program is funded by Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside and the San Mateo Harbor District and involves monitoring by volunteers during this storm to provide information about a wide variety of pollutants such as bacteria, nutrients, and metals. This program is part of a larger initiative by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to help identify what pollutants are of greatest concern and where.