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San Mateo County Harbor District Launches Limited Free Wireless Connectivity at Pillar Point Harbor

The San Mateo County Harbor District is unveiling a free wireless connectivity service for the Pillar Point Harbor. The service, to be known as “HarborFree, “ is now live, and is an open public network which will provide a free “Hotspot” for all WiFi enabled computers to gain access to the internet, check e-mail, and allow connectivity for business users to access their many company resources. The wireless service is unsecured.

The wireless network spans the area around the Harbor Master’s office, parts of the Johnson Pier, and the parking lot area. The Harbor District is working on expanding the coverage area. The District is also working on WiFi connectivity for Oyster Point Marina and will provide additional information on status as warranted.

Variables such as building construction material, wall types, and structures between the user and the Hotspot may affect service. The wireless network is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.