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PPH Restaurant / Retail Sidewalk Expansion Project

In June of 2018, the Harbor District invited qualified contractors to bid on Restaurant/Retail Sidewalk Expansion Project at Pillar Point Harbor. The work will consist of expanding the Pillar Point Harbor’s concrete promenade along business front from approximately 9 feet of concrete seating/sidewalk to approximately 20 feet. This change will also lead to ADA upgrades within the parking lot as well as parking reconfiguration. ADA upgrades will include ramp, sidewalk and parking stall upgrades. Additional work will consist of resurfacing parking lot via slurry seal, rehabilitating failed areas in pavement via asphalt concrete digout repair, and replacing two storm drain pipes in the parking lot via pipe bursting.  The objective of this project is to allow the surrounding businesses to continue with their day-to-day operation and maintain public safety.

Bids were due on June 20, 2018.   At the July 18, 2018 Board meeting, Golden Bay Construction was awarded the contract.  Work began September 17.

Image Pillar Point Parking lot