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RV Park Restroom 

Project Location:Pillar Point Harbor
Status:Headed for Coastal Commission 
Initial Funding:April 11, 2019
Estimated Completion:Notice to Proceed issued January 9, 2023.
Description: Build a public restroom, outdoor shower, and ADA parking adjacent to Surfers' Beach and K&N RV lot.  The addition of a public restroom, along with other improvements, will allow the District to secure a CDP for the RV lot.  Design plans have been submitted for permitting. 
Justification:The project will provide needed restrooms and other amenities.
Strategic Goal/Operating Impact:1) Comprehensive Long-Range Planning Guides District Actions and Decision-Making
 2) Infrastructure Improvements are Guided by Comprehensive Long-Term Planning.


January 18, 2023

Construction Invitation for Bid solicited, low bid approved by Board on September 21, 2022 . In addition to the $298k PCA grant already approved, the Coastal Conservancy approved grant award for $212k.  This project includes 2 electric vehicle charging stations, PCE $15k grant monies awarded. Contractor arranging subs and ordering construction materials,

Notice to Proceed issued January 9, 2023.

Design plans were submitted to City of Half Moon Bay Planning and Permitting.  Approval was on August 26, 2021.  Responding to further questions now.  Coastal Conservancy approved grant award on September 23, 2021 for $212,000.  Will be bringing grant agreement to Board for considerations and resolution in November. 


May contain: road, flag, and symbol